Knifemaking books and DVDs, New arrivals

Here knifemakers and bladesmiths will find a truly excellent selection of knifemaking books and DVDs for learning or perfecting their hobby or profession. Artisan Ideas has everything in our online bookstore from instructional videos and books for beginners who are just setting up their knifemaking workshop to advanced instruction on creating various types of damascus steel and making specific kinds of knives and blades.  We have knifemaking books and videos on everything from making axes and tomahawks to daggers and swords.  If you need to learn about specific topics such as bolsters, handles and guards, fileworking, hollow or flat grinding, Japanese blades, blade polishing, mokume, scrimshaw, sheath making, katana, etc, etc., you will find what you are looking for at; one of the USA's most popular online bookstores for bladesmithing and knifemaking books and DVDs.

This section is dedicated solely to the newest additions to our Bladesmithing Books and DVDs. 

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With Master Smiths Bert Gaston, Chairman of the Master Smith Judging Committee, and Greg Neely, ABS Chairman and former Master Smith Judging Committee Judge
Price: $25.00
With ABS Master Smith Jim Crowell
Price: $25.00
3 Hours of top-notch instruction
Price: $35.00
3 DVDs with ABS Mastersmith J.W. Randall
Price: $60.00
10 % Off
Translated from German, hardcover, 167 pages
Price: $39.99
Sale For: $35.99
With The American Bladesmith Society Founder, Bill Moran
Price: $60.00
With ABS Mastersmith Don Fogg, 3 DVDs
Price: $60.00
Winner of the 2012 Sporting Classics Award of Excellence
Price: $50.00
10 % Off
Softcover, spiral bound, 102 pages, 180 illustrations, copyright 2012
Price: $24.99
Sale For: $22.49