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ArtisanIdeas.com offers metalworkers a truly excellent selection of instructional metalworking books and DVDs for automobiles, motorcycles, and aircraft. You'll find video courses on TIG welding and autobody soldering, on making motorcycle gas tanks and plane fuselage repair. We have a great number of videos and books on working, repairing and reconstructing with sheet metal. Whether you are interested in custom motorcycles or street rods, autobody or aircraft repair you will find metalworking books and videos at ArtisanIdeas.com which will help you with your metalworking projects.

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Softcover, 126 pages, over 350 B&W photographs and diagrams
Price: $32.95
Sale For: $31.30
Techniques for High-Quality Work with the Wheeling Machine
Price: $65.00
2 Hours Running Time
Price: $60.00
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Softcover, 121 pages, fully illustrated
Price: $15.95
Sale For: $14.36
A Historical Aerometal Training Film!! 1941, B & W, restored!
Price: $25.00
With Metalworking Guru Ron Covell!
Price: $40.00
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Book 7 and Final book of Gingery's Build Your Own Metal Working Shop. by Dave Gingery
Price: $8.95
Sale For: $8.50
3 Hours of metalworking with the great Ron Covell
Price: $80.00
A Historical Aerometal Training Film!! Copyright 1937 - 1948, B & W, restored!
Price: $65.00
THE final word on custom metal polishing by Bright Works!
Price: $35.90
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J. Bortles
Price: $25.95
Sale For: $24.65
2 Hours and 6 Minutes
Price: $40.00
A Historical Aerometal Training Film!! Copyright 1957, color, restored!
Price: $65.00
With Kent White, the Tin-Man
Price: $60.00