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Blacksmithing Yes
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Fine Arts Yes
Primitive Radio Yes
Scrimshaw Yes
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Welding Books and DVDs  

Looking for instructional welding books or videos? We're sure you'll find what you need here at Are you looking to learn arc welding, GMAW or MIG welding, TIG welding or oxy-acetylene welding? Do you need to learn about aircraft welding, auto chassis welding, motorcycle frame welding, cast iron welding, torch cutting? We have educational welding books and welding videos on all of these subjects and more. Looking for Steve Bleile's Wall Mountain welding DVDs? We have them all in stock. How about those great welding videos by Ron Covell and Ron Fournier which specifically address autobody work and making and repairing motorcycles? We have them too. We also have Kent Caveny's books including his bestseller, Smarter Than the Metal: Contouring and Finishing Sheet Metal Welds. We have dozens of excellent welding books and videos at Artisan Just scroll through our Welding section to view our selection.

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