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Forging damascus steel is a long painstaking job. Many knifemakers , blacksmiths and metal artists prefer purchasing their billets from experts specialized in making damascus steel. However there is an enormous satisfaction in forging your own damascus. If you want to learn, or if you want to improve and study advanced techniques, Artisan has an excellent selection of instructional books and DVDs on making damascus steel for you.  

English and Italian text on same page
Price: $85.00
3 DVDs with ABS Mastersmith J.W. Randall
Price: $60.00
10 % Off
Translated from German, hardcover, 167 pages
Price: $39.99
Sale For: $35.99
With The American Bladesmith Society Founder, Bill Moran
Price: $60.00
With ABS Mastersmith Don Fogg, 3 DVDs
Price: $60.00
5% Off
with Jim Hrisoulas
Price: $29.95
Sale For: $28.45
Demonstrated by Chad Nichols.
Price: $30.00
A Modern Craftsman's Guide to Making a Japanese Sword
Price: $39.95
Learn from a true Master!
Price: $40.00
5% Off
Artistry In Iron
Price: $35.00
Sale For: $33.25