Welcome to our Clients' Corner!

If you would like to exhibit some of your work on Artisan Ideas in our Clients' Corner, we'd be honored. It's easy and free. All you need to do is send us up to five jpegs of your work, along with some biographical information about yourself and your work and a short description of each item. A snapshot of yourself would be nice too - but not necessary. If you want us to include your email, phone number or postal address, please give us permission to do this in your email. If you want your web site to be listed - we'll do that too. And we'd appreciate if you could do the same for us on yours. Please send jpegs and info to: blaho_jim@yahoo.com.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Artisan North America Inc. and ArtisanIdeas.com take no responsibility for the accuracy or authenticity of any of the information in the listings in the Clients' Corner.