Turning Salt & Pepper Shakers and Mills (Book and DVD set)

Hardcover book, 68 pages, illustrated. DVD, 70 minutes
Turning Salt & Pepper Shakers and Mills (Book and DVD set)
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Learn many secrets and tips on turning spice and pepper shakers and mills from two Master turners, UK guru Chris West and Ron Brown.

Their direct and simple style will allow both beginner and experienced turners to get right down to buisness and start turning immediatly. 

Pepper Mills DVDOn this DVD Ron Brown will show you step by step how to make beautiful salt and pepper mills with traditional grinding shaft mechanisms. Ron uses simple to understand language along with dozens of high resolution still photos to show you the steps for making these mills.

 Run Time: 70 minutes

Adding Spice to Your Woodturning:  Chris West, the author of 'Adding Spice to Your Woodturning', is Europe's go-to guy for turning salt and pepper shakers.  If you know him through his woodturning articles you will already appreciate his practical approach which gets you working on projects right away.

This book presents 15 original and unique projects for turning salt and pepper shakers plus 5 additional projects on making spice shakers and other condiment accessories for either the home or the restaurant. Hone your skills turning these unique, beautiful and useful objects for family and friends, or to sell through your site or at markets.   

“Adding Spice to your Woodturning” was designed for use in the workshop. The book is hardcover, the pages are made of heavy-duty art paper, and the book is spiral bound so the pages will lay flat and won’t turn while you are working on a particular project. There are projects here for beginning, intermediate and experienced turners but regardless of the skill level of the project each one will result in a beautiful object that will give you great satisfaction and words of praise from those who see it.    



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Hardcover book, 68 pages, illustrated. DVD, 70 minutes
Chris West and Ron Brown