Lawn & Garden Sculptures with George Goehl (DVD) (Out of Print)

Universal DVD, 67 minutes
Lawn & Garden Sculptures with George Goehl (DVD) (Out of Print)
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I've just finished editing this 2nd edition.  If there is any fault to this DVD it is that I included too much.  I should have shown just two designs rather than three. This means that there is a lot for the viewer to absorb.

This DVD includes a little bit of everything in the skill department.  A bit of forging, brazing, gas welding, annealing, some sheet metal work, drilling and copper forming.

If you are going to do the arrow sculpture or any geometric designs I'd suggest getting an inexpensive brake.  These are about twenty-five dollars and you'll find that they are useful on these arrows and other sculptures you may want to do in the future.

None of this is particularly difficult. I was pleased with the mechanics of these sculptures.  I'm even more pleased with what I've come up with for the second edition.  The mechanics are so the sculptures will move with the wind.

There is some work involved but as in all the sculptures that take some work, the end results are worth the effort.

I'd suggest using the designs in the video as starting points then moving into your own designs.

Taking a look at the Duck and Cattail lawn sculpture you'll immediately recognize the possibilities.  It could be a bird with the cattails or a fish leaping out of the water.

For those of you doing arts and crafts festivals these are easy to pack in your truck or van.  They break down so that they can be stored flat meaning that they are not taking up a lot of room in your truck.

Also they are self explanatory to your customers.  All they have to do is hammer the main rod in the ground and put the sculpture part on top.  Pretty much a no-brainer.

I hadn't thought of it before, but for as large as these sculptures are the material costs are quite modest.

I think you'll enjoy making these lawn and garden sculptures and I must admit it's a pleasure to walk out into the yard and see them moving with the breezes.

Note:  2-14-2010

I was just looking out at these three lawn and garden sculptures.  They have been up for a year and have performed beautifully.  We have had some very heavy winds but they have not been effected.

The simple "mechanism" for rotating has worked flawlessly.  After seeing how these have worked throughout the year, I would not even consider using bearings.

Bearing would only complicate and I like to keep things simple.

RUNNING TIME: 67 minutes.

George Goehl
Universal DVD, 67 minutes
67 minutes
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