The Impoverished Radio Experimenter Series (All 6 Volumes)

Six 48 page booklets
The Impoverished Radio Experimenter Series (All 6 Volumes)
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This series is intended mainly to show how you can substitute bits.

In Vol. 1 there are notes on Vacuum Tube Substitutions, Inexpensive Tube Power Supply, Grid-Leak Detectors, a Regenerative Receiver and more!

Vol. 2 subjects include a Grid Dip Oscillator, a Shortwave Converter, a Slow-Motion Dial Drive, Space-wound Coils.

Vol. 3 include Building an Impedance Bridge, a One-Tube SW Receiver, a Headphone Amplifier, Old-Time Radio Cases etc.

Vol. 4 includes: Building a TRF receiver, a One Tube Crystal Converter, Versatile Power supply and a Slide rule Dial.

Vol. 5 includes: building a Superhet Receiver, a Coil Winding Machine and a simple Alignment Oscillator, plus all sorts of tricks, tips and secrets.

Vol. 6 covers building a Loose-Coupler, an Active Long Wire Antenna, a Regenerative Loop Receiver, transmitter experiments and the like.

Useful stuff! Well produced 48 page booklets. 

288 pages in total!!


Softcover 48 page booklets