How to Cut Spur Gears with Rudy Kouhoupt (DVD)

Universal DVD, 45 minutes
How to Cut Spur Gears with Rudy Kouhoupt (DVD)
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Using just a small mill and your lathe, you can learn how to cut your own spur gears.

Terms and techniques all covered. Charts and tables are included.

(45 minutes, color).

Rudy Kouhoupt was a columnist for “The Home Shop Machinist” and “Live Steam” magazines for 24 years. He also contributed articles and plans to “Popular Mechanics” magazine for more than ten. He was a consummate machinist and a superb teacher. Rudy has always been a proponent of the "Keep it Simple" method of machine and tool design and machining style. You will learn much from his approaches.

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Universal DVD, 45 minutes
45 minutes
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