Grinding Lathe Tools with Rudy Kouhoupt (DVD)

Universal DVD, 105 minutes
Grinding Lathe Tools with Rudy Kouhoupt (DVD)
Price: $ 39.95

Rudy discusses lathe cutting tools in depth and then describes how each would be ground properly for optimum metal cutting.

Also included are plans to build a grinding table that will increase your accuracy when grinding your lathe tools.

(1 hour, 45 minutes).

Rudy Kouhoupt was a columnist for “The Home Shop Machinist” and “Live Steam” magazines for 24 years. He also contributed articles and plans to “Popular Mechanics” magazine for more than ten. He was a consummate machinist and a superb teacher. Rudy has always been a proponent of the "Keep it Simple" method of machine and tool design and machining style. You will learn much from his approaches.

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Universal DVD, 105 minutes
1 hour and 45 minutes
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Rudy Kouhoupt