Operating a Shaper by Rudy Kouhoupt (DVD)

Learn from a Master! 2 hours and 30 minutes of great instruction.
Operating a Shaper by Rudy Kouhoupt (DVD)
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You may remember Rudy's article in The Home Shop Machinist called "Old Iron."

This video shows you the various functions on his reconditioned shaper and how you can operate one yourself.

(2 hours).


Rudy Kouhoupt was a columnist for “The Home Shop Machinist” and “Live Steam” magazines for 24 years. He also contributed articles and plans to “Popular Mechanics” magazine for more than ten. He was a consummate machinist and a superb teacher. Rudy has always been a proponent of the "Keep it Simple" method of machine and tool design and machining style. You will learn much from his approaches.


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2 hours
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Rudy Kouhoupt