Making Leather Knife Sheaths by Joe Keeslar

Softcover, 124 pages, illustrated
Making Leather Knife Sheaths by Joe Keeslar
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This 124 page book includes:

Making and Cutting a Sheath Pattern
Locating the Pattern on the Side of Leather
Cutting the Leather
Beveling, Burnishing and Creasing Raw Edges
Pouch Style Sheath
Swinger Style Sheath
Sheath for a Single Cross Guard
Sheath with Handle Retaining Strap
Sheath for a Cross Guard Knife: Bowie or Fighter
Mexican Single Loop/Buscadero (Westyern Style) Sheath
Embelllishment Part I; Basket Weave and Stamping
Embellishment Part II: Leather Carving and Tooling
Machine Stitching with Leather Sewing Machine
Frontier or Buckskinner’s Style Sheath
Shoulder Sheath and Harness
Molding Leather Pouches
Kinds oand Uses of Metal Fastners
Conchos, Spots and Spikes
Dyes, Stains and Finishes
Final Finish on the Leather


American Bladesmith Society
Softcover, 124 pages, illustrated
Joe Keeslar