Carving & Painting The American Kestrel (DVD)

Region 1 DVD, 270 Minutes, 2 Discs
Carving & Painting The American Kestrel (DVD)
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  • Step-by-step instructions for transforming a block of tupelo wood into a       male American kestrel perched atop a driftwood branch
  • Award-winning methods and insider tricks for carving, texturing, and painting this compelling bird of prey
  • An examination of a live kestrel shows its physical traits and unique adaptations

    This much-anticipated instructional DVD by a world champion carver provides an up-close look into the fascinating world of decorative bird carving. You'll be astonished at how easy and fun it is to create something so beautiful with a few basic tools and good instruction. Close-ups and unique camera angles will help beginners clearly see and understand the process. From patterns to pin feathers, it's all here in this groundbreaking DVD.

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    Region 1 DVD, 270 Minutes, 2 Discs
    Floyd Scholz, Happy Traum