How to Build a Ukulele from a Kit (DVD) with Gordon and Char Mayer

Universal DVD, 109 minutes
How to Build a Ukulele from a Kit (DVD) with Gordon and Char Mayer
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Step-by-step guide. This enjoyable 109-minute DVD tutorial  was produced especially for StewMac ukulele kits. It gives you excellent guidance.

Gordon and Char Mayer of Mya-Moé Ukuleles demonstrate the complete assembly process. Helpful tips from pro luthiers!



Making assembly fixtures

Gluing the neck block, tailblock and linings

Installing the soundhole rosette

Bracing the top and back

Gluing the top and back to the sides

Fretting and gluing the fingerboard

Final neck shaping

Dressing the frets

Gluing the neck to the body and finishing

Gluing the bridge


Installing the tuners and strings

Gordon and Char Mayer are the husband and wife team behind Mya-Moé ukuleles. Their handcrafted instruments are renowned for tone and playability. This DVD includes valuable insights and techniques practiced at Mya-Moé. 

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This DVD is not "region-specific," and is intended for worldwide use.

Universal DVD, 109 minutes
Gordon and Char Mayer