Making Linerlock Knives Set (2 DVDs + Book)

Spiral-Bound book + 2 Universal DVDs
Making Linerlock Knives Set (2 DVDs + Book)
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Learn all there is to know on liner lock knives with this special book and DVD set. Over 5 hours of video and 181 color pages will teach you every secret, technique and method used to cunstruct and design these beautiful knives. 

Liner Lock Knives: with 181 detailed color photos and clear, step-by-step guidance from a top-tier knifemaker, this workshop-proven method guides intermediate to advanced level knifemakers to success in crafting a folding knife. The liner lock mechanism can be made relatively easily, it needs only few components, and it is?if constructed neatly?secure and durable. This book teaches how to construct both general kinds of liner locks: one uses the liner itself as an arresting spring (classic liner lock), and in the other the spring is made as an extra construction part and inlaid into the liner ("nested liner"). Here is the guidance you need to design and produce a liner lock knife on your own.

The Locking Liner with Don Robinson (2 DVDs): Obtain the secrets of making folding knives for yourself as you watch Don Robinson explain "His Way" of creating this Barlow style locking liner knife. From prints to polish, watch as raw materials are transformed into cutlery art in this instructional video. At almost 4 hours long this video provides all the insight and instructions to assist you in every phase of constructing your own folding/locking Barlow pocket knife.

Liner Lock Design with Allen Elishewitz (DVD): In this DVD Allen shows how he designs his tactical folders. Not only does Allen show how to design, but he also stops to talk about the theory behind why he does it the way he does. While the focus of this DVD is on designing liner locking knives, some of the techniques demonstrated will be applicable to many other types of folder designs.


Spiral-Bound book + 2 Universal DVDs
Peter Fronteddu, Stefan Steigerwald, Allen Elishewitz, Don Robinson