Blacksmith Projects, from Beginner to Advanced (two book set)

Two Hardcover books, 475 pages combined, illustrated
Blacksmith Projects, from Beginner to Advanced (two book set)
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Projects, projects and more projects! This two book set covers all kinds of blacksmithing projects from beginning to advanced levels. There is no better (or enjoyable) way to become a better blacksmith than to test yourself by completing various projects, and eventually, modifying the projects to your own needs or taste. Both books are bestsellers and although written by different authors in different times, you will find both of them interesting and useful and will return to both over the years for ideas and inspiration.  

Practical Projects for the Blacksmith has all the information you need to learn while doing. It tells how to set up a simple and inexpensive forge, what few tools you'll need to get started, where to get scraps of steel for your first projects. It will suggest items you can make, regardless of your skill level, that will be of use. Each project is illustrated and explained in detailed step-by-step instructions. With each new project you tackle, you'll be practicing new blacksmithing skills.

The Blacksmith's Project Book presents 20 original intermediate and advanced projects for blacksmiths looking to further hone their skills and learn techniques from European master smiths.This hardcover 248 page book, with over 900 high-quality photos, clearly explains the necessary steps and techniques for completing projects which include metallic fusion, damascening, chromatic finishing techniques, foldforming, patination, sculpture forging, and other interesting topics. Antonello Rizzo's first bestselling project book, Secrets of the Forge, contained almost 50 original projects by Italian master smiths for beginning and intermediate level blacksmiths.This excellent new book brings the level up a notch and has the intention of also serving as creative fodder for the smiths' own project designs. The bonus 21st chapter of this book is a fascinating essay presenting the essayist’s heartfelt thoughts on the restoration of old wrought iron. You can be sure that there is plenty of material in The Blacksmith's Project Book that will be of great interest to any practicing blacksmith.



Artisan Ides & Blue Moon Press
Year Published:
2018 & 2013
Two Hardcover books, 475 pages combined, illustrated
Antonello Rizzo & Ted Tucker