Designs: Wrought Iron.

A specialty book from Italy's industrial wrought iron leader, IND.I.A. (Industria Italiana Arteferro). Softcover, 388 pages
Designs: Wrought Iron.
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A 388 page handbook of professional sketches illustrating IND.I.A's forgings and their use in various types of railings, fences, grills, balconies and gates, the 'Designs' catalog offers many ideas that will simplify the process of finding an appropriate wrought iron design.

It also includes a concise but highly detailed and informative introduction on the history of blacksmithing.

In the words of the authors, "As a tool of the trade, like a hammer or a press...this is the way we have designed this handbook, and the way we hope it will be used...all of our experience and the knowledge will be found in these pages. It has been a demanding task...and we hope that this book will find its way into the right hands...the hands of fabricators and blackmsmiths, and, indeeed, anybody that loves wrought iron."

IND.I.A., based in Italy, is known as the world leader in the production and distribution of wrought iron components. Their catalogs include over 10,000 different ready to use artistic and forged items, including components for the fence and furniture industries.

Their forged pieces have been developed from in-depth studies by architects with a passion for wrought iron. The designs are perfect inspirational tools for creating gates, railings, stairways, grilles, balusters, posts, partitions, window grilles, indoor and outdoor lamps, furniture, pedestrian gates, and a great deal more!


Softcover, 388 pages
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