Shaping Aluminum with Hand Tools with Ron Covell (DVD)

Universal DVD, 105 minutes
Shaping Aluminum with Hand Tools with Ron Covell (DVD)
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Ron Covell's first video, now considered a classic. Watch Ron go through every step of making a track roadster nose, demonstrating techniques suitable for making virtually any body panel.


He starts with a station buck defining the shape, shows clearly how the patterns are made, then starts shaping each piece and finally joins them together. Annealing, mallet and sandbag rough shaping, hammer and dolly smoothing, metal finishing, and both oxy-acetylene and TIG welding are covered in depth.


If you’ve never seen metal shaped by hand, you may be astounded how simple the process is! 

One hour and forty-five minutes.

Universal DVD, 105 minutes
105 minutes
Presented by:
Ron Covell