MIG Welding Made Easy with Ron Covell (DVD)

Universal DVD, 70 minutes
MIG Welding Made Easy with Ron Covell (DVD)
Price: $40.00

MIG Welding is widely used for car and motorcycle building and modification, but few people really understand how each of the variables affects the finished weld.


This program can be easily understood by a beginner, but it covers information even seasoned professionals can learn from.

Ron Covell goes through the entire process step-by-step, and gives clear descriptions of how each factor changes the weld, including wire speed, voltage, wire stickout, gun angle, travel speed, and gas flow.

He also covers plug welds, patch panels, welding aluminum, and using flux core wire.

You’ll especially enjoy the special bonus section on Plasma Cutting!


70 minutes.

Universal DVD, 70 minutes
70 minutes.
Presented by:
Ron Covell