Building Flintlock Pistols with Mike Miller (DVD)

2 Universal DVDs, 3 hours long.
Building Flintlock Pistols with Mike Miller (DVD)
Price: $29.95

"Building a (Kentucky) Flintlock Pistol" featuring Mike Miller from Paducah, KY.  Mike builds a fine flintlock pistol from a curly maple stock blank and fabricates most of the parts. 

The tapered and flared octagon Bob Paris barrel is inlet with hand tools; the brass mounts, sights, tennon, trigger, and sideplate are made from sheet stock. 

The guard is a commercial casting. 

Mike installs a touch-hole vent, carves the stock, and adds a beautiful traditional finish over nitric acid stain. 

Highlights a Chambers pistol kit, but the video shows in detail how to build a very nice traditional and authentic pistol. 2 Disc DVD 3 hours long. 

2 Disc DVD, 3 hours long.
2 DVDs, 3 hours.
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Mike Miller