The Art of Casting in Iron by Simpson Bolland

Softcover, 392 pages, illustrated
The Art of Casting in Iron by Simpson Bolland
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"In 1892 Bolland wrote "The Iron Founder" which I have never reprinted because most of it covers the same basic material found in other foundry books.

In 1893 Bolland wrote this supplement to his first book. Here, he talks about the unusual topics, tricks techniques, and history that a beginning foundryman isn't interested in. At least not yet. But this is what I consider the good stuff - the unusual material not routinely found. Just the stuff a practicing sand crab will find useful and enlightening.

Chapters include: evolution of the founder's art; blast blowers; mixing cast iron; cupolas - their erection and management; reverbertory or air furnaces; casting one hundred tons of cast iron (just what I need!); castings; foundry appliances; chains, beams etc; pouring, flowing-off and feeding castings; studs, chaplets and anchors; high-class moulding; sectional molding for heavy green-sand work; hydraulic-cylinder moulding; founding of statues in iron and bronze; art of taking casts; pattern-molding in clay; moulding a spiral post; "Berlin" fine cast-iron work; malleable iron castings; chilled car-wheels; fire-clays and fire-bricks; ganister; graphite or plumbago; fuel; annealing; repairing broken castings; beams of cast iron; steel; enamel for heavy castings, pipes, etc; and numerous short recipes and tricks for everything from pattern varnish and crystallized tin plate to brassing, enameling or Japanning cast iron.

You'll find a little bit of everything. Since this is aimed at the professional founders of 1893, you'll find the technology simple but large in scale. But do what Dave Gingery advises: scale it down to your needs.

Nicely illustrated. Down-to-earth practical how-to from someone who knows what he's talking about. The good stuff that is rarely found in most foundry books. So build a small cupola, pour some castings, and then you'll truly appreciate this book. Worth having." - Lindsay

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Softcover, 392 pages, illustrated
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