Brass and Alloy Founding by H B Maynard

Softcover, 108 pages, illustrated
Brass and Alloy Founding by H B Maynard
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"What you get here is a much expanded and improved version of the "Brass Founding" booklet (that Lindsay Publishing) offered for many years. Many of the same illustrations are repeated here, but much new information and many new illustrations are provided.

In part one you get details on metals and molding, copper-zinc alloys, copper-tin alloys, aluminum alloys nickel alloys, bearing metals (babbitt), brass molding practice, materials for brass molds, molds for brass castings, cleaning non-ferrous castings, polishing and plating, economics of brass foundry, remelting and reclaiming practice and more.
Part two will show you crucible furnaces, open-flame furnaces, electric-arc furnaces, melting practice, brass-foundry crucibles and ladles, and more.

You get not only the practical how-to of handling brass, but the details on the furnaces and their design could very well help you in developing a furnace for your own use. This was part of a correspondence course training men to get a job in heavy industry during the great depression. So I'm not exactly sure how you'll build an electric arc furnace. But you get industrial details here that just don't pop up anywhere else.
You'll be told about oxidizing and reducing atmospheres, melting losses, fluxes and more. I wish it went into more detail, but I could say that about just about any book in this catalog, no matter how good it is. But what you get here is a solid introduction into non-ferrous casting, mostly brass. You can decide if you want research more complicated and far more expensive foundry texts after you've examined this.

Worth having. Great illustrations. A lot of book for the money." - Lindsay
Softcover, 108 pages, illustrated
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