The Artist Blacksmith by Peter Parkinson (Hardcover)

Hardcover, 160 pages, 200 diagrams & photos
The Artist Blacksmith by Peter Parkinson (Hardcover)
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The Artist Blacksmith is the essential handbook for anyone interested in bringing a creative, contemporary approach to this ancient craft, and for those already hooked who want to improve and expand their skills.

Topics covered include: the range and use of tools and materials; fundamental blacksmithing processes; working at the anvil, drawing down, bending, upsetting and spreading, hot cutting, punching, and finally, twisting and joining.

Illustrated with over 200 diagrams and photographs, The Artist Blacksmith will provide an introduction to the beginner and valuable information for the more experienced smith looking to expand their workshop.


Peter Parkinson is a self-employed artist-blacksmith from Hampshire, England. He studied Industrial Design at the Royal College of Art in London, has worked as an Industrial Designer with both London Transport and Allied Ironfounders Limited. He taught for 25 years at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design where he initiated a BA (Hons) Metals degree course in 1982, which includes studies in blacksmithing.

Mr. Parkinson resigned his teaching post in 1992 to devote time to his own studio and forging workshop, making speculative pieces for gallery sales and undertaking public art and architectural metalwork commissions in many parts of Britain. These include works in Basingstoke, Blackburn, Bradford, Crawley, Derby, Leicester, London, Portsmouth and Southampton. He continues to teach short courses on design and blacksmithing in Britain and America. His book, The Artist Blacksmith, published in 2001, explains the role of the artist blacksmith and discusses the design and specification of forged metalwork in an attempt to provide a resource for architects and designers desiring more information on forged metalwork

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Hardcover, 160 pages, 200 diagrams & photos
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