Book 3: the Metal Shaper by David Gingery

Book 3 of Gingery's 'Build Your Own metal working Shop'. Softcover, 144 pages, illustrated
Book 3: the Metal Shaper by David Gingery
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Exotic is a mild adjective when applied to the shaper. it will cut splines, keyways, gears, sprockets, dovetail slides, flat and angular surfaces and irregular profiles. and all of these with a simple hand-ground lathe tool bit. obsolete in modern industry, of course, because milling machines do the work much faster and cheaper. but you can't beat a shaper for simplicity and economy in the home shop.

The shaper has a 6" stroke and a mean capacity of 5" x 5", variable and adjustable stroke length, automatic variable cross feed and graduated collars. You will be proud to add this machine to your shop.

Especially designed for the developing home shop, it is a horizontal miller, but it has the full range of vertical mill capability when used with the angle plate on the work table.

Softcover, 144 pages, illustrated
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