Advanced Throwing with Robin Hopper: Extended and Altered Forms (DVD)

Universal DVD, 60 minutes
Advanced Throwing with Robin Hopper: Extended and Altered Forms (DVD)
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Robin Hopper demonstrates how a potter who possesses very ordinary size and strength can build tall pots by using a variety of extension throwing techniques including coil, slab and thrown additions. He then shows how traditional shapes can be altered to produce innovative forms such as beaten, squared pots, squared spheres and more abstract alterations of traditional forms.

Throughout this video, he encourages you to use these approaches to develop your own unique creations.

"Robin Hopper continues the high standard we have come to expect from him. This throwing video is thorough, focused and engaging. A recommended investment." -  (Les Manning, Vice-President , InternationalAcademy of Ceramics)

"The camera angles and the movement and pace of the technical aspects are exceptional . . . noticeable in their quality . . . . Highly Recommended." -  (Book Report)

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Universal DVD, 60 minutes
60 minutes
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