Keum-Boo with Christine Dhein Vol 2: The Hollow Pendant (DVD)

Universal DVD, 90 minutes
Keum-Boo with Christine Dhein Vol 2: The Hollow Pendant (DVD)
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Keum-boo is an ancient Korean technique where 24-karat gold foil is bonded to silver or other metals. This produces a rich gold color, while using very little foil. The simplicity of this technique makes it a fun, inexpensive way to add gold to your work.

This second volume provides step-by-step instructions for more advanced jewelry making techniques including roller printing and hollow form construction. Learn complex keum-boo procedures including bonding gold to a three-dimensional, textured surface, making repairs and much more. Running time: 90 min.  

• Diffusion Bonding
• Annealing
• Roller Printing
• Sawing & Filing
• Dapping
• Soldering
• Depleting a Hollow Form
• Applying Gold
• Burnishing
• Checking Your Work
• Repairing a Tear
• Variations & Patina
Special Features:
• Making Gold Foil
• Tool & Materials Lists

Christine Dhein
Universal DVD, 90 minutes
1 hour and 30 minutes