Trees, Trees, Trees: Making Copper Trees with George Goehl (DVD)

Universal DVD 75 minutes
Trees, Trees, Trees: Making Copper Trees with George Goehl (DVD)
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75 minutes viewing time.

Trees have figured into much of the sculptures that I have produced over the years. Many of the trees have be used in scenes, for example the bicycle sculptures or the more rural Americana scenes with barns and covered bridges.

The trees have also been excellent stand alone wall sculptures, whether in groupings or individually. What I find amazing about these trees is that they are based on one simple concept that can be expanded into a wide variety of trees.

You can take one of these trees that would be fitting for a casual setting and produce a tree or trees that fit perfectly into a formal setting.

These trees also work well for offices and conference centers. Also included are how to make two tools that you can use while making the trees and also for other sculptures.

The first is a small parts leverage bender. This may take a little time to make, but it will reduce your bending time by two thirds.

An arc bender that you find easy to make and a tools that can be used on any piece that requires sweeping curves, such as the Large HighWheel Bicycle or the Maple Leaf Sculptures.

An oxygen acetylene torch and the ability to braze are the main requirements. Materials costs are minimal and the rod that you need is readily available at your welding supply.

The Americana Metal Sculpture Series by George Goehl leads from one dvd into the next.

The set so far is composed of: “Small Sculptures That Sell”, “Trees, Trees, Trees”, “The Family Farm” “Small Farm Implements #1”, “Small Farm Implements #2”, “The Train Station”, “The Bank Barn”.

Each dvd leads into the next in the order listed.


George Goehl
Universal DVD 75 minutes
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