Making Magic Wands with George Goehl (DVD)

Universal DVD, 60 minutes
Making Magic Wands with George Goehl (DVD)
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Brazing Copper Bubble Wands.
Runaway Best Seller!

"Using the very simplest of tools and materials you can create a vast array of unique Magic Wands. Over fifty original designs included in the video to get you started. Once you have gone through the video and learned the basic steps, you can stop the video and study a design.

Then duplicate the design and before long you'll be off onto your own designs. After watching the video just once one person, who has no metal working experience. said, " Hey, even I can do that"!

Why Magic Wands?

Since 1973 I have made my living designing, crafting and selling metal sculpture.

Most pieces that I make are consistent good sellers. Magic Wands, however, are in a class of their own. Their popularity has been overwhelming!

Who buys the Wands?

Stress Busters - Therapists buy wands for their clients. You cannot blow bubbles and be stressed out.

Grandparents buy wands for their grandchildren.
Some people don't use them for bubbles, but as decorative accessories.

One woman buys them by the dozen and gives them to friends when they turn fifty.
Another woman buys them because she thinks they have a medieval appearance.

Video Contents

Making A Heat Sink
Flux & the Brazing Rod
Making Copper Circles
Designing Wands
Attaching Naval Bronze Shaft
Cleaning Wands
Wire Brushing
Working with Sharp Edges
Tools & Materials
50 Wand Designs to Reproduce

George Goehl
Universal DVD, 60 minutes
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