Move! Shoot! Live! with Lenny Magill (DVD)

Universal DVD, 60 minutes
Move! Shoot! Live! with Lenny Magill (DVD)
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"First, let me inform you that I have never been in a gunfight - thank God! And, I never want to be in a gunfight. But for the past 6 years I've studied what happens in real gunfights: where, how and why people get shot.

This tape shows you what I have discovered in my studies... the key element that could greatly increase your chances of living is movement! Simply put, your first objective is to get out of the way of the gunfire... move and keep moving!

You'll learn how to move, how to shoot on the move, and why to practice movement for true self-defense shooting. This program will help you take your self-defense mindset to the next level". -  Lenny Magill

Includes actual gunfight footage, analyzed by Lenny Magill, showing the effects of movement and your survival.

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Universal DVD, 60 minutes
60 minutes
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Lenny Magill