Small Sculptures that Sell: Americana Series I with George Goehl (DVD)

Universal DVD, 60 minutes
Small Sculptures that Sell: Americana Series I with George Goehl (DVD)
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"The original intent for this video was to produce a DVD for my customers who are making either a full time or part time income with metal sculpture

Small sculptures like these have been an important part of my income.  Not everyone has the money for the larger sculptures but these pieces are more affordable.

But this DVD has also become popular with those who have taken up metal sculpture as a hobby. They just want to make gifts. That's what most of the small pieces I've made over the years have sold as:  Gifts.

This video is essentially a way to get started with small standing sculptures.  As you work with these you'll soon find yourself having ideas for other subject matter for more sculptures.

There is nothing hard about any of these sculptures.  Some quiet time in your shop with the coffee brewing and some music in the background and the hours will pass all too quickly.

I can almost guarantee you that while you are making any one of these sculptures your mind will be coming up with more ideas. While you are building these sculptures you'll be building new skills which can be used on other sculptures.

I didn't think about it while I was working on this video, but the materials are very simple and inexpensive.  A very small amount of copper and some RG 45 gas welding rod which is easy to pick up at your welding supply.

As in all my DVDs, the sequence is arranged in a step by step format".

Note:  The only thing that isn't included in this video is how to make the tree (in second photo above left).  That's in the Trees, Trees, Trees  DVD.  But, even without that video you can probably figure out how to make this tree.
In addition to the basic designs in this video you'll also be able to incorporate these small sculptures into larger sculptures.  The possibilities just go on an on.

The Americana Metal Sculpture Series by George Goehl leads from one dvd into the next.

The set so far is composed of: “Small Sculptures That Sell”, “Trees, Trees, Trees”, “The Family Farm” “Small Farm Implements #1”, “Small Farm Implements #2”, “The Train Station”, “The Bank Barn”.

Each dvd leads into the next in the order listed. 

George Goehl
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Universal DVD, 60 minutes
60 minutes
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