Moldmaking Techniques Using Latex Rubber (2 DVDs) by Roger Beebe

Universal DVD, 210 minutes
Moldmaking Techniques Using Latex Rubber (2 DVDs) by Roger Beebe
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Learn how to make Latex Molds

  • Latex Rubber is commonly used for making concrete lawn ornament molds and plaster casting molds. Latex can also be used to make molds for casting plastic resins, wax, and hot melt vinyl.
  • Latex Rubber is one of the least expensive moldmaking materials, yet good quality latex rubber is very durable and long lasting.
  • Unlike any other type of moldmaking material, latex molds can be used as "glove" molds that peel off your model like a rubber glove peels off your hand.

Why would you use latex instead of more "modern" types of rubber?

  1. Latex is much cheaper in the first place, and because it makes much thinner molds you can make many more molds from the same amount of material.
  2. Latex can make very thin but strong and elastic molds, which lets it bend around more extreme undercuts with fewer seams or sections in the mold.
  3. Professional Quality Latex is extremely tough and durable and will last longer when casting abrasive materials such as concrete
  4. Latex can be applied to models such as architectural details where they are, without the latex running off vertical surfaces or needing to be thickened.

See how to deal with many common moldmaking situations

  • The latex videos demonstrate 8 actual moldmaking projects from start to finish. Each project builds on techniques previously demonstrated, so by the end of the tape you will know how to handle most any moldmaking project of your own.
  • Demonstrations include molds for a plaque, a small figurine using three techniques, a larger figurine with a seam in the mold, a figurine with a hole or "window" through it, a figurine with outstretched arms, and how to make a two part mold from a wicker basket.

Learn Techniques that apply to making other types of molds

  • Many molds, even those not made from latex rubber, need a support or "backup mold". The video demonstrates how to make backup molds from plaster, urethane plastic, and fiberglass.
  • Other techniques demonstrated, such as how to deal with holes through a model, are useful even if you use other moldmaking materials besides latex rubber.

Find Sources of Supply

  • The video comes with a source list of companies that supply professional grade latex rubber, plus all other materials shown on the video.

3 and 1/2 hours running time. Presented by Roger Beebe.

Universal DVD, 210 minutes
3 and 1/2 hours
Presented by:
Roger Beebe
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