A Late 14th Century Bascinet by Doug Strong

Softcover, 19 pages, illustrated
A Late 14th Century Bascinet by Doug Strong
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A manual for the construction of a late 14th Century German bascinet.

This booklet is loaded with b&w photographs of every step in the process.

This booklet comes complete with detailed instructions for the construction of both a re-enactment and an SCA combat version of the helmet complete with a grill faced visor.

N.B. This is self-published by the author, Doug Strong. It is a completely original work but produced in a home-made fashion. If you're comfortable with a self-published format, then you should definitely buy a copy for its unique content. .

We carry many self-published publications because of their interesting, hard-to-find or unique subject matter. If you are interested in the content of this publication, get one.

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Softcover, 19 pages, illustrated
Doug Strong