A 14th Century Globose Breastplate by Doug Strong

Softcover, 15 pages, illustrated
A 14th Century Globose Breastplate by Doug Strong
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A manual for the construction of a 14th century Globose breastplate similar to the one preserved in Castle Churburg and to the one formerly in the Gwynn collection.

This booklet comes complete with detailed instructions and full sized patterns.

N.B. This is self-published by the author, Doug Strong. It is a completely original work but produced in a home-made fashion. If you're comfortable with a self-published format, then you should definitely buy a copy for its unique content.

 We carry many self-published publications because of their interesting, hard-to-find or unique subject matter. If you are interested in the content of this publication, get one.

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Softcover, 15 pages, illustrated
Doug Strong