Advanced Rawhide Sheath Construction with John Cohea (DVD)

Universal DVD, 135 minutes
Advanced Rawhide Sheath Construction with John Cohea (DVD)
Price: $ 30.00

Watch John as he builds another frontier style sheath from start to finish and as he incorporates various advanced techniques into the finished sheath. As a bonus, John also demonstrates how to sew up a center seam sheath.

Some of the techniques that John demonstrates are:

   *  Sheath Design and the Parts;
   *  Making a Snake Skin Belt Loop;
   *  Making and Using Rawhide Laces;
   *  Sewing Fringe into the Seam;
   *  Making a Copper Concho;
   *  Making a Decorative Copper Band;
   *  Sewing up the Center Seam Sheath.

This DVD was filmed in HD and is
wide-screen formatted.

(Running Time: 2 Hours 15 Minutes)

©2011 Chris Crawford Knives

Chris Crawford
Year Published:
Universal DVD, 135 minutes
2 hours and 15 minutes
Presented by:
John Cohea