Norwegian Knife Making by Håvard Bergland (hardcover)

Hardcover, 232 pages, 400 illustrations
Norwegian Knife Making by Håvard Bergland (hardcover)
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The knife as a tool or a weapon is one of the oldest artifacts in the world. It has been feared, loved and hated throughout the ages.

Hardly any other country in the world comes close to Norway in terms of knife traditions. It is not so long ago that the knife was just as indispensable as car keys are today. The knife was the last thing you checked for before going to work.

This book tells about knife making and the forging of knives. The author had as a goal to record and illustrate the essentials of other edge tools. He hopes in this way to be able to contribute to the preservation of this part of his cultural heritage and that as many people as possible share in the creative joy of making a knife.

Hardcover, 9" x 11-1/4",  Pages:  232,  Illustrations: 400.

Blue Moon
Year Published:
Hardcover, 232 pages, 400 illustrations
9" x 11 1/4"
Håvard Bergland

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Beautiful and comprehensive book.
By: JT
Mar 1, 2013
This book covers every aspect of making Norwegian style of knives. It's a really quality volume both from the perspective of the information in it and the layout and general quality of the binding itself. I suspect that this book will quickly become a much sort after and hard to find knife makers must have.
They sure make beautiful knives in Norway
Dec 11, 2012
It is great to see knife making books from other countries being translated. This is a beautifully presented book that provides an overview on all aspects of traditional Norwegian knife making, from forging the blade through to making a sheath for the finished knife. Well illustrated with line drawings and color photos. Well worth the money if you are interested in trying to make this style of knife.