A Guide to Chassis & Sheet Metal Welding by Kent Caveny

Softcover, spiral bound
A Guide to Chassis & Sheet Metal Welding by Kent Caveny
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"A Guide to Chassis & Sheet Metal Welding" tells you what you need to know and consider when selecting a gas, MIG, TIG or spot welding set that meets your needs for repairing equipment and auto body panels or fabricating sheet metal, body panels, hot rod and race car chassis or welded sculpture.

Once you've bought your welding set, the booklet leads you through teaching yourself the basics of welding steel by doing simple, practical exercises.

It even tells you how to test your welds and what may be going wrong.

All you need to do is be patient and practice, practice, practice.


Kent Caveny is a mechanical engineer who is currently working on what he calls "very high pressure water hoses". His expertise has taken him all over the world to work with polymer chemist and other specialist to develop flexible pipe that can withstand pressures up to 15,000 psi used to transport oil on and off floating oil rigs. He currently lives in Europe. Along with being a researcher and engineer, Kent is also a certified car nut. He is currently restoring and reassembling the body and building the chassis for a '27 T Roadster and working on airplane restoration. With some thirty years of sheet metal and welding experience behind him, he has written three books to pass on his expertise. Each is a simple but practical educational tool designed to improve the skills of any home or hobby welder.


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Softcover, spiral bound
Kent Caveny
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