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A Strad Model 'Cello Plans, by H.S. Wake

Softcover, Spiral-Bound
A Strad Model 'Cello Plans, by H.S. Wake
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A set of seven full-scale working drawings (11x40 fold-outs) for a violoncello and the mold on which it is built. Together with plans (six 11x17 fold-outs) for a collapsible travel 'cello.

The books by H. S. Wake are unique in that they give personal "over-the-shoulder" guidance and full scale plans for making and caring for instruments in the violin family. They are successfully used the world over. All books are spiral-bound softcovers made to stay open flat on the desk or workbench.

H.S. Wake's bestselling books include: "To Make a Double Bass", "A Strad Model 'Cello Plans", "Viola Making Plans", Amateur Fiddle Makers Q and A", Violin Bow Rehair and Repair", "A Luthier's Scrap Book", and, "The Technique of Violin Making".

Softcover, Spiral-Bound
H.S. Wake