Advanced Concealed Carry with Lenny Magill (DVD)

Universal DVD, 110 minutes
Advanced Concealed Carry with Lenny Magill (DVD)
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Lenny Magill has done it again! Advanced Concealed Carry has been produced because of the incredible response to Magill's original Concealed Carry program.

This time, Magill explores advanced concealment and shooting techniques that are designed to help you survive a real gunfight. This includes the master skill of shooting on the move.

He shows you his 5-step drawing technique that will enable you to draw from concealment faster and more accurately.

You'll see his 6 favorite methods of carry & concealment using the Glock 22, new Mini-Glock 27, & the S&W 442.

IF you are going to carry a concealed weapon in public you need to watch this important program!

Year Published:
Universal DVD, 110 minutes
110 Minutes
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Lenny Magill