Mastering the Mini-Glock with Lenny Magill (DVD)

Universal DVD, 110 minutes
Mastering the Mini-Glock with Lenny Magill (DVD)
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The Glock model 27 is the .40 caliber version of Glock's mini-frame handguns. The model 26 is 9mm, model 29 is 10mm, and the model 30 is the .45 caliber. All of these guns are cut down versions of the original Glock designs that were first introduced into the United States in 1982.

Because of their small size, the Mini-Glocks do require practice and more attention to the fundamentals.

This program is a complete guide to the operation, shooting, cleaning, disassembly, and reassembly of the Mini-Glock handguns.

Learn shooting tips and techniques, self-defense shooting, concealed carry, one-handed point shooting, cleaning, and maintenance... everything you need to own & operate the Mini-Glock.

Universal DVD, 110 minutes
110 minutes
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Lenny Magill