Peter Parkinson Book & DVD Set: Artist Blacksmithing (Dvd) plus The Artist Blacksmith

Bestselling book and DVD from the Great Peter Parkinson
Peter Parkinson Book & DVD Set: Artist Blacksmithing (Dvd) plus The Artist Blacksmith
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This book and DVD set contains two blacksmithing bestsellers: The Artist Blacksmith: Design and Techniques (160 page hardcover book), plus Parkinson’s excellent 2 DVD set, Artist Blacksmithing: Techniques in Action (DVD).

THE ARTIST BLACKSMITH is the essential handbook for anyone interested in bringing a creative, contemporary approach to this ancient craft, and for those already hooked who want to improve and expand their skills.

Topics covered include: the range and use of tools and materials; fundamental blacksmithing processes; working at the anvil, drawing down, bending, upsetting and spreading, hot cutting, punching, and finally, twisting and joining.

Illustrated with over 200 diagrams and photographs, The Artist Blacksmith will provide an introduction to the beginner and valuable information for the more experienced smith looking to expand their workshop.

10.4" x 8.8", 160 pages, 200 diag. & photos, copyright 2002.

ARTIST BLACKSMITHING DVD: Peter imparts his knowledge of artist blacksmithing to you in these excellent DVDs with a combined running time of over two-and-one-half hours.

Artist Blacksmithing explains the fundamental techniques of working with hot iron and steel, and suggests how those techniques can be used creatively in designs. Set in his own workshop, it is a rare opportunity to see a leading blacksmith in action.

Peter Parkinson has long been an inspiration to blacksmiths: his enthusiasm for the craft alongside his recognized talent makes him an exceptional tutor. In this film, he brings his own insights to the craft while explaining both the processes and pitfalls.

Chapters cover: Using the forge; safety; Tapering; drawing down; Upsetting; Spreading;  use of hammer; Hot cutting;  Punching; Twisting;  Bending;  Joining processes;  Toolmaking;  Finishing.

154 minutes, universal DVD (Region 0), copyright 2007.

Year Published:
2002 and 2007
Hardcover book plus Universal DVD
Peter Parkinson
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Peter Parkinson