Frontier and Western Holster Construction (2 DVD Set) with John Bianchi and Chuck Burrows

Frontier and Western Holster Construction (2 DVD Set) with John Bianchi and Chuck Burrows
Price: $125.00

What can be said about these two holster makers that you don’t already know? John is the most famous holster maker in the world and Chuck is an American master. Although this is labeled as a ‘2 DVD set’ this bundle is actually comprised of 2 different sets, one containing 3 DVDs and the other 2 DVDs (yes, 5 DVDs in all) for a total running time of over 10 hours! If you are going to learn something well, then learn from the best. This is a set you will be very glad you purchased.



1) The Art and Secrets of Advanced Western Holster Making with John Bianchi (3 DVD Set): This program shows John Bianchi himself, in person making a Western style holster from scratch. Every single aspect is shown from start to finish. The whole process takes almost 6 hours!


You'll see as he sizes and creates a pattern from cardboard, cuts the leather by hand, stitches the leather, sews the holster, adds decorative embossing, then finishes the leather with a rich stain to create a functional work of art. The information presented can be applied to making any holster and leatherworking in general. John Bianchi is a master at his craft and this video is your opportunity to see him at work firsthand!

3 DVDs.

Almost 6 hours of First-Class Instruction!


2) Frontier Holsters with Chuck Burrows (2 DVDs): Join Master Leathersmith Chuck Burrows as he takes you through creating two classic Old West Holsters, the Mexican Loop and the California Slim Jim. From patterns to applying the final finish Chuck shares his techniques on how to stamp, carve, sew and dye your leather projects. Chuck also shares his expertise in aging your leather finishes so professional and beginner leathersmith's alike can add a touch of patina to their craft. This video will give the beginner leather crafter the knowledge and skills to complete their own Frontier Holsters and help all viewers reach a more professional level with their leather projects. At almost four hours in length, this 2-dvd set is a "must have" for all leather crafting libraries.

2 Universal DVD set
John Bianchi and Chuck Burrows