A Damascus Blade from A to Z plus Basic Damascus Patterns (2 DVD Set)

Universal DVD, Over 120 minutes of Damascus Blade Instruction!
A Damascus Blade from A to Z plus Basic Damascus Patterns (2 DVD Set)
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This 2 hour specially priced 2 DVD set includes the following bestselling knifemaking videos:

1) A Damascus Blade from A to Z: 

Renowned Damascus Steel maker and Knifemaker Mike Norris gives you an up-close, step-by-step look at the process of preparing a billet of Damascus steel and "cutting away everything that doesn't look like a knife!". 

Lessons include:

  • Preparing and forging the billet.
  • Grinding and sanding techniques.
  • Etching techniques.
  • Pattern Design.
  • Finishing Techniques.
  • and much more!

Total running time one hour and 20 minutes.

2) Basic Damascus Patterns

Renowned damascus steel and knife maker, Mike Norris, gives you an up-close, and in-depth look at creating and preparing basic damascus patterns.

Lessons include:

  • Basic Pattern Materials Preparation
  • Proper Heating Techniques
  • Grinding and Finishing
  • Pattern Design
  • And much more...!!

Total run time: 44 minutes.

With quick and easy menu access to all lessons.

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Universal DVD, over 120 minutes
Over 2 hours running time
Presented by:
Mike Norris