Home Workshop Knifemaking with Wally Hayes (2 DVDs) (OOP)

2 Universal DVDs set, 150 minutes
Home Workshop Knifemaking with Wally Hayes (2 DVDs) (OOP)
Price: $ 65.00

Home Workshop Knifemaking:
Making Utility and Defensive Knives on a Budget (DVD)
with Wally Hayes

Have you always wanted to learn how to make a knife? Well, here's your chance. With a few inexpensive tools, some easily acquired materials, a little hard work and this two-disc DVD production, you can learn all the basic skills of knifemaking and be on your way to producing your own high-quality custom blades.

Master Bladesmith Wally Hayes first shows you how to turn your workshop into a functional knife shop for less than $250. He then takes you step-by-step through a complete course in knifemaking, including profiling and grinding your blade; differentially heat-treating your knife (using a home-built forge that costs less than $40); embellishing your blade with filework; crafting form-fitting Kydex sheaths in your kitchen oven; polishing your blade to a mirror finish; attaching a slab handle and doing a Japanese cord-wrapped handle.

This DVD covers the complete construction of two knives - a chisel-ground tanto-style neck knife and a flat-ground utility/hunting knife - and is one of the most detailed courses in knifemaking ever captured on video.

2 Universal DVD set, 150 minutes
150 minutes
Presented by:
Wally Hayes