Albert Paley: Sculpture

Hardcover, 288 pages, color photos
Albert Paley: Sculpture
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The monumental site-specific metal assemblages Albert Paley has created over the past three decades place him not only in the forefront of contemporary sculpture but also in the vanguard among artists working in the new, genre-defying area that has been called "Archisculpture."
This richly illustrated monograph presents the full spectrum of Albert Paley's work. Paley goes beyond creating sculptures that stand as isolated works of art. His sculptures enhance the spaces in which they are placed and, in return, are enhanced by those spaces. He has established himself as an artist who is constantly pushing boundaries, questioning old categories and redefining himself in his own distinctive idiom, at once visionary and persuasively tangible. Noted art historian Donald Kuspit discusses Paley's development as an artist, his virtuosity as a monumental sculptor and his diverse and significant achievements.
(Paley is also one of the featured Artist-Blacksmiths in the '2007 Metal Design Annual' available here from Artisan).
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Hardcover, 288 pages, color photos
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