Italian Masters of Wrought Iron (I Maestri Italiani Del Ferro Battuto) by Giuseppe Ciscato

An essential and indispensable work of tremendous depth and scope; a must have for any blacksmith.
Italian Masters of Wrought Iron (I Maestri Italiani Del Ferro Battuto) by Giuseppe Ciscato
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"The range of work covered includes classical architectural fences and gates to modern sculpture and restoration work. The amazing thing is that this is all the work of living master artist blacksmiths from Italy alone. I had no idea Italy had such depth in the field of wrought iron work." - Jock Dempsey, AnvilFire.com

"One cannot look at a book such as this and not be amazed, both by the encyclopedic scope of the book itself, and of the work within." - Brian Gilbert, The Hammer's Blow (Blacksmith's Bookshelf)

Weighing just over eight pounds, this stunning oversized title is the Rolls Royce of wrought iron books.
A follow-up to Ciscato's bestselling 'Wrought Iron' (not currently available)'Italian Masters of Wrought Iron' showcases the sublime work of leading Italian wrought iron artisans and artists.

Boasting a staggering number of photos -- nearly 1,100 images over 500 magnificent pages -- it features the most interesting and beautiful work being produced today by Italy's wrought iron masters. Frankly, no other book on this subject comes close in size, selection or beauty.

This extra-large volume is primarily a visual almanac, and will serve as a fantastic source of ideas for a vast range of wrought iron works, from the practical to the purely artistic.

Among the many subjects covered in this masterwork -- take a deep breath, smiths -- are fireplace tools, andirons, lawn furniture, garden wells, sacred art, funerary art, balconies, fences, gates, doors, door hinges, doorknobs, doorknockers, flowers, plants, grates, signs, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, candelabras, beds, dividing panels, banisters...and a great deal more.

A chapter of the book is dedicated to the magnificent projects of the famous Italian sculptor from Treviso, Simon Benetton. A recipient of numerous international awards, Benetton was honored with a special invitation to the 1980 ABANA/CBA international congress, "Iron as an Art Expression," held at Santa Cruz University.

62 other wrought iron masters are profiled over the last 55 pages of 'Italian Masters of Wrought Iron', some of whom have also had their most famous works displayed in the U.S. at ABANA exhibitions over the years.

A must have for anyone serious about ironwork!

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