Italian Wrought Iron Beds and Bedroom Accessories (Il Letto e Dintorni: Works by the Italian Masters)

A beautifully photographed, lavishly illustrated and exhaustively researched book for professionals working with wrought iron.
Italian Wrought Iron Beds and Bedroom Accessories (Il Letto e Dintorni: Works by the Italian Masters)
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FINALLY BACK IN STOCK!!!! Acclaim for ' Italian Wrought Iron Beds and Bedroom Accessories':

"A collection like no other. It will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration to virtually any blacksmith."

"This volume brings to light furnishing objects produced with perfect techniques and refined and elegant designs, which leads us to think that the art of wrought iron is even more alive than before." - The Anvil's Ring.

"A wonderful source of ideas for designer, decorator and smith.It was very difficult to select the images for this review. All the work is beautiful and it is impossible to decide what is best". - AnvilFire

Assembled by Giuseppe Ciscato, known to Mediterranean artisans as "the chronicler of Italian masters of wrought iron," this is a detailed and passionate survey dedicated to the theme of wrought iron beds and bedroom furnishings.

Not content to offer a panoramic overview of handcrafted Italian wrought iron beds, Ciscato has a compiled a veritable treasure-trove of hundreds of photos of functional and beautiful bedroom accessories. From the simple and elegant to the fabulously ornate, these items are featured in no other book -- not even the author's comprehensive, highly esteemed 'Italian Masters of Wrought Iron (I Maestri Italiani del Ferro battuto)'!

A stunning array of lamps, chairs, mirrors, bedstands, footstools, coat racks, and curtain rods adorn these pages, as well as adventurous and highly skilled forays into sometimes quite colorful metal sculpture. Undoubtedly they will serve as an inspiration to virtually any blacksmith.

'Italian Wrought Iron Beds and Bedroom Accessories' is divided into three chapters. The first presents a highly specific overview of the types and styles of wrought iron beds by showcasing the work of 75 Italian craftsmen, one per page, with detailed photos of their most interesting works. Ciscato augments the full color images with biographical sketches that offer insights into the individual craftsman's art and technique. These secrets, in the editor's own words, "have been laboriously passed down over time, and jealously guarded."

Ciscato, an outspoken critic of mass-produced industrial ironwork, truly seems to have enjoyed unprecedented access to these craftsmen, citing the help of the Italian Association of Artistic Blacksmiths (AIFA), as instrumental in having the works of many master smiths placed at his disposal.

The second part of the book is entitled "Dal Progetto alla Realizzazione," an evocative Italian phrase which translate roughly to "From Design to Production", in which Ciscato commissioned ten Italian designers to create ideas specifically for 'Il Letto e Dintorni', which were then presented to a variety of iron-workers across the country.

They fashioned works from the general outlines of the architects, and their unique individual interpretations, from sketch to finished product, are visible here with the turn of a page.

The final chapter focuses on recent projects by the most elite craftsmen, presented with marvelously detailed and oversized photographs, along with informative essays on these masters and their work.

Year Published:
September 2000
Hardcover, 240 pages, 340 photos, sketches
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