Basic Tactical Folders with Allen Elishewitz (DVD)

Universal DVD, 146 minutes
Basic Tactical Folders with Allen Elishewitz (DVD)
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Allen Elishewitz is a Texas knifemaker who became interested in knives at a very young age. His many years of training in the different martial arts, along with his experiences as a Recon Marine, have given Allen the perfect background to design both defense and utility knives.

Allen started making knives part time while he was in college studying Criminal Justice and Fine Arts, and he decided to become a full time knifemaker after graduating. He’s been making knives since 1988, constantly researching, refining, and developing the craft.

In this video Allen builds a basic tactical folder from start to finish using typical shop tools. He shows basic methods and processes that can be carried out in most knifemaking shops. This video focuses on the building process and does not cover pattern design.

Some of the topics covered in this video are:

  *  Cutting , Profiling and Flattening Parts

  *  Spotting, Drilling, and Tapping

  *  Grinding and Shaping

  *  Detailing the Liners, Blade, and Hardware

  *  Cutting and Bending the Lock Face

  *  Knife Assembly 

(Running Time: 2 Hours 26 Minutes)

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Universal DVD, 146 minutes
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2 hours and 26 minutes
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Allen Elishewitz

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Possibly the best instructional knife making DVD I have seen.
Dec 11, 2012
There are a limited number of books and DVDs on folder making but this has to be one of the best currently available. The video quality is top rate and Allen Elishewitz is a great presenter and teacher. If you can't go and make a folder based on his principles after watching this video you weren't paying attention.