Moldless Concrete Pottery Forming (DVD + booklet) by Neavida Cairns

Universal DVD with booklet, 55 minutes
Moldless Concrete Pottery Forming (DVD + booklet) by Neavida Cairns
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See how to make concrete pots WITHOUT expensive molds

Vida Cairns recently retired as the owner of a bonsai nursery in Washington state called "Miniature Gardens". In this video she demonstrates how she made the pottery she sold with her bonsai.

The technique involves shaping the special concrete mix over readily-available forms to get the pot shape, instead of pouring concrete into a mold.

She also demonstrates how to put unusual colors and designs into your pottery while you form the concrete.

The DVD comes with a printed manual that gives in-depth explanations of the techniques demonstrated in the video.

Sell your hand-made pots, use them in your own garden, or give them as unusual gifts

Small decorative pottery for bonsai and houseplants is very popular, and could be sold at nursery centers, garden stores, craft shows, and flea markets.

If your hobby is gardening, now you have a way to make your own unique pottery. Or include a handmade pot with plants you give to friends and family.

Concrete pots are long-lasting and a much better value than "terra cotta"

The owner of Castcraft made a pot from these techniques after he first saw the video over 15 years ago. The pot has been in use and outside all year round ever since and is still going strong.

By Neavida Cairns. DVD with 27 page manual. Approx. 55 minutes.

Universal DVD with booklet, 55 minutes
55 minutes
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Neavida (Vida) Cairns
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