The Turret-Ram Milling Machine for the Beginner by Randolph Bulgin (Hardcover)

Hardcover, 228 pages
The Turret-Ram Milling Machine for the Beginner by Randolph Bulgin (Hardcover)
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The fifth and final book in Randolph Bulgin's notable shop series, The Turret-Ram Milling Machine: For the Beginner is a guide to mastering one of the home machinist's most coveted accessories, the vertical milling machine. In Randolph's words: "The vertical milling machine is to a lathe as whipped cream is to strawberries."

This guide will whet your appetite. It is fully illustrated with black and white photographs, and written in Randolph's characteristically witty style. Included are clever and useful projects that are designed to help you hone your skills and, as this will be the last book in the series, some other useful extras, such as a chapter on welding.

The author is a lifelong machinist whose name is familiar to regular readers of Home Shop Machinist and Machinists Workshop.Other books by Randolph Bulgin in the shop series are Randolph's Shop, Building Shop, In Pursuit of the Perfect Shop, and The Engine Lathe: For the beginner. He is also the author of Puzzles and Peculiarities from the Machine Shop.

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Hardcover, 228 pages
11 in. x 8.5 in.
Randolph Bulgin