Bench Planes with Jim Kingshott (DVD)

Tools and Techniques from a Master Woodworker. DVD, 75 minutes
Bench Planes with Jim Kingshott (DVD)
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 Woodworkers looking to increase their building productivity will be guided through the use, techniques, and construction of bench planes in this valuable hour-long DVD.

Master craftsman Jim Kingshoot brings viewers into his intimate workshop to illustrate how to set up, tune, and utilize the full range of planes, from jack planes and smooth planes to the popular Stanley-Bailey pattern plane and the finest Norris-style planes.

Offering time-saving techniques collected from 50 years at the workbench, this guide exhibits easy-to-follow demonstrations on how to make one's own bench plane, as well as a clear discussion on what to look for when buying used.

The Author: 

Jim Kingshott has made furniture for British royalty, and for many years was master of apprentice cabinetmakers for the Royal Air Force. Jim explains tools, techniques and traditions in a friendly conversational style that everyone can understand. In these beautifully produced videos Jim welcomes viewers into his own small, tool-filled workshop. He passes along the skills and secrets that were handed down to him, and he freely shares the insights gained during 50 years at the workbench.

DVD, 75 minutes
75 minutes
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Jim Kingshott